Links to other Sites

This page is not intended to be a comprehensive list of links, but rather to highlight a small number of organisations that reflect similar values to Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum, or have a bearing to Dorrigo and the surrounding area. There are also links to various national links pages that contain a more comprehensive set of links than listed here.

Kindred Museums and Tourist Railways

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum (U.S.A.)
Bluebell Railway (United Kingdom)
California State Railroad Museum (U.S.A.)
National Railway Museum (United Kingdom)
Severn Valley Railway (United Kingdom)
Steamtown National Historic Site (U.S.A.)

Links to related sites in the Dorrigo area

The Dorrigo Area
Bellingen On-Line
The Holiday Coast

Links to Link Sites

Railpage (Australia and Worldwide)
National Railway Historical Society (U.S.A.)
U.K. Heritage Railway Association