Other Exhibits

As well as locomotives and rolling stock, the Museum owns literally thousands of other items - far too many to list here. Some of the more significant items in the collection are listed in various categories below.

Loads for Wagons and Support Exhibits

Australian Army Mark V. "Centurion" Main Battle Tank - to be displayed on the BME Bogie Flat Wagon.

Road Grader for display on an appropriate wagon.

1924 Farm Tractor for display on an appropriate wagon.

Steam Roller for display on a well wagon.

6 Holden Cars (48/215, FJ, FE, FC, EK and HG) for display on the BKF Car Carrier Wagon.

Wooden Beer and Spirits Kegs for display in an appropriate wagon.

Milk and Cream Cans for display in an appropriate wagon.

Single Cylinder Stationary Steam Engine from Dorrigo Saw Mill.

2 Steam Sawmill Boilers from closed Dorrigo Sawmills.

5 LCL Containers.

8 Shipping Containers (4 x 20 feet and 4 x 40 feet).

"Station" Exhibits

2 Platform Tow Motors and numerous barrows from Sydney Central Station.

Numerous types of 2 Wheeled Porter's Barrows.

3 huge Double sided wooden platform seats from Central Railway Station in Sydney.

Various types of Mail Barrows and Water Bottle/Glasses Barrow from Central Station in Sydney.

10 Railway Clocks and Railway Staff Uniforms.

"When In Doubt Ask The Man In Blue" sign from Central Station in Sydney.

"Trackwork" Exhibits

107 lb. Double-Slip Set of Points from North Strathfield in Sydney.

94 lb. Near Right Angle crossing from Coffs Harbour.

94 lb. Diamond Crossing from Incitec at Kooragang Island.

Two 80 lb. Outside Slip Sets of Points from Dairy Farmers Sidings at Pippita in Sydney.

Bullhead Rail (Chock and Chair) from Rhondda Colliery at Teralba in Newcastle.

1855 "Barlow" Rail from Redfern in Sydney.

60 ft."Sellars" Cast Steel Turntable from Murrurundi Locomotive Depot.

Wagon Traverser from White Rose Flour Mill at North Strathfield.

"Signals Branch" Exhibits

Miniature Electric Staff Instruments.

Large Electric Staff Instruments.

Pair of Tablet Instruments.

Several pairs of Block Telegraph Instruments including a pair of Permissive Instruments.

Upper Quadrant Electric Signals.

Lower Quadrant Manual Signals.

2 Aspect Colour Light Signals.

Numerous Ground Signals.

Various Signal Relays and Guard's Indicators.

Various Glass Enclosed Banner Signals and Route Indicators.

Various Lever Frames and Drawer Locks.

Various Railway Telephones.

Trolleys and Trikes

One Man Pull Trikes and Two Man Pull Trikes.

Sheffield Trolleys.

Villiers Quadricycles.

Small and Large Fairmont Gang Cars.

T.I.C./S.I.C. Inspection Car.

Muck Dobbin and associated turntable.

Educational and Supplementary Display Items

36 Class Steam Locomotive Boiler (for sectioning).

Locomotive Diesel Engine Crankshaft from EMD 16-645E engine.

42 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive Main Generator (D12).

45 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive Motor and Generator (Alco V12-251) - weighs 25 tonnes.

48 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive Motor and Generator (Alco 6-251).

70 Class Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive Motor (Caterpillar D397-V12) plus Voith Gear Box and Final Drive.

73 Class Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive Motor (Caterpillar D379-V8).

B.H.P. Diesel Electric Shunting Locomotive Motors (Both Rolls Royce and Cummins).

Lysaghts Diesel Electric Shunting Locomotive Motors (Cummins).

2 "Inclined" Underfloor Engines from 620 class Railmotor (GM 6-110).

3 types of Capstans for moving wagons in sidings, from Gosford meatworks, Villawood and North Strathfield.

Electric Locomotive Pantographs from 46, 85 and 86 class locomotives (including conventional, cross-arm, and single-arm types).

1926 Hudson Hearse.

1929 Chevrolet Sedan.

1934 Chevrolet Sedan.

1951 Morris Minor (Low Light) Sedan.

AEC Government Bus.

Fire Engine.

Petrol-Electric Mobile Crane used in the construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Ransommes and Rapier Petrol-Electric Workshop Crane.

International Truck with superphosphate clamshell unloading bucket (used at Dorrigo railway yard).